AeroProc is globalized enterprise group, dedicated to aviation industry emphasized in project development, purchase, sale, lease and maintenance for STOL (short takeoff and landing) with single fixed wing twin turbo prop-engines and rotary wings aircraft capabilities as well as our dedication to developing special missions/utilization operations.

Aeroproc is the expert in STOL/special mission aircraft group using Pratt Whitney Engines such as De Havilland Twin Otter X2, Cessna, Beechcraft, K-MAX (heli) and AirTractor to reach remote area or an island hopper.

Most of our aircraft focus on the world’s widely light aircraft worldwide to be used as a civilian executive, utility, cargo aircraft, aerial spraying, fuel hauling, water landing, sterile insect release, fish seeding, dry ice cloud seeding, aerial firefighting, air mail delivery, ambulance service, skydiving, and passenger airliner on tail wheels, nose wheels, skis or floats.

Aeroproc is a company that consists of a mixed individual who is an expert in the aircraft industry and finances. Our 60 years of combined expertise in aircraft business with reliable FAA (Federal Aviation Administration Certification knowledge; we are optimist the best service for our clientele.

Based on our network in the USA and Asia, Aeroproc provides the customer with timely inventory management of an extensive array on aircrafts availabilities and professional aircrafts parts supply management ready at our Indonesia office.

Fast, Reliable, and Quality are our promise.

At Aeroproc, our goal is to be your valued supply chain partner by offering the highest quality aviation supply solutions that will reduce your company’s long term operational cost while increasing efficiency.