FuelBoss is developed and operating on a leading edge aviation technology for the safe, efficient and economical transportation and storage of fuel products to, and between, remote locations in northern Canada and Indonesia. We also provide aircraft fuel transportation and storage solutions for international military and other world‐wide remote operations.

We utilize the “FuelBoss” AT 802 Air Tractor as the workhorse of our fuel transport business. The FuelBoss is the only purpose-built fuel tanker aircraft in the world. We currently have three FuelBoss Aircraft in our fleet. The FuelBoss is a highly reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly option for air transportation of bulk fuel to remote locations. The rugged but economical FuelBoss carries up to 4000 liters of fuel products to remote gravel, ice, snow or dirt airstrips. We can source and supply all fuel products including gasoline, dyed and non‐dyed diesel, home heating oil, AvGas, and Jet A and
Jet B aircraft fuel.