FuelBoss is developed and operating on a leading edge aviation technology for the safe, efficient and economical transportation and storage of fuel products to, and between, remote locations in northern Canada and Indonesia. We also provide aircraft fuel transportation and storage solutions for international military and other world‐wide remote operations.

We utilize the “FuelBoss” AT 802 Air Tractor as the workhorse of our fuel transport business. The FuelBoss is the only purpose-built fuel tanker aircraft in the world. We currently have three FuelBoss Aircraft in our fleet.

The FuelBoss is a highly reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly option for air transportation of bulk fuel to remote locations. The rugged but economical FuelBoss carries up to 4000 liters of fuel products to remote gravel, ice, snow or dirt airstrips. We can source and supply all fuel products including gasoline, dyed and non‐dyed diesel, home heating oil, AvGas, and Jet A and Jet B aircraft fuel.

Our Aircraft

The Fuel Boss was first introduced to Canada in 2007. Since then, the aircraft has been a proven success with millions of litres of fuel delivered to customers including Hydro One and various independent First Nation Power Authorities across the north.

The Fuel Boss is powered by the reliable, Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67 power plant, producing 1350 shaft horsepower, and is capable of hauling bulk fuel at a maximum capacity of 4000 litres with additional aircraft fuel for 5 hrs flight duration. The aircraft is capable of operating off of a 3500 runway, depending on surface conditions.


50 Years of Proven Success

Five decades in the making, the AT802, our efficient and effective work-horse of our fuel delivery fleet, is ready when you are. A perfect match for Canada’s far north. In 1951 the airplane was born, type approved by the FAA, and ready for standard agricultural crop spraying. It was 1972 and the original Air Tractor 802s – offered the world the largest single engine spray aircraft ever. The sales history says it all – more than 2000 have rolled off the assembly line, all thanks to the engineering magic of Leland Snow, who oversaw the newer model AT802-AG until his passing in 2011.

Now, the modified AT802 is aviation’s fuel delivery super star – the FuelBoss. It has been our pleasure to take part in these modification designs that allow us to safely and efficiently move up to 4000 litres of fuel on every flight.We decided the AT802 is the best choice … with over 50 years of history to prove it.

  • Your fuel or ours.

  • Split loads or multiple loads.

  • Flexible, Reliable, Safe, and Ready.


AT802 Aircraft Specifications

  • Gross weight 16,000 lbs

  • Wingspan 60 feet

  • Engine PT6-67F & AG

  • Minimum landing of 2400 feet

  • Runway Capabilities of 3500 feet (loaded)

  • Hauling capacity with FuelBoss configuation is 4000 litres

  • Delivery Systems are 2 inch camlocks, with a 340 litre / min. Offload



It just made sense… taking a really good, time-tested system and adapting it to another application.

That is, in a phrase, how the FuelBoss was born. Take the great success of the world’s largest single engine crop sprayer, the AT802AG, one of only a few airplanes in the world that will fly more weight than it weighs. Here is a unique airplane with just one purpose… to haul fuel. Compare this to passenger or freight aircraft “retrofitted” with tanks – OK, there really is no comparison.

So the AT802AG crop duster becomes the FuelBoss.

This dedicated fuel hauler is a safe, fast and efficient airplane with up to 1600 horsepower, capable of hauling 4000 litres (about 1000 gallons) of these types of fuels to runways all over the far north:

  • av gas

  • gasoline

  • heating fuel

  • diesel

  • jet fuel

Safety, efficiency, and simplicity of design is at the heart of the FuelBoss conversion. You won’t find a safer, more rugged delivery system anywhere! Today we have proven the concept with millions and millions of litres delivered since the FuelBoss was introduced in 2007.

The only other conversion to talk about is you – converting your fuel hauling service to this remarkable airplane… and we’re ready to tell you more.

Our Fleet

Today we own three Fuel Boss™ 802AT aircraft. One is a two-seater, allowing us to train pilots and perform pilot-upgrade skills training. Having these aircraft allows us to dispatch any one of them for extended service contracts – to anywhere in the far north.Our three plane fleet improves reliability and allows us to “stay on the job” when any of these aircraft are not available, due to required “out of service” days.

Further, if any one delivery contract requires large, heavy volumes of fuel right away, no problem… call us. We can schedule and send all three. We have delivered as much as 550,000 litres in 18 days, with just one aircraft. Large volumes are not a problem with this aircraft! With satellite tracking, our aircraft can be dispatched from remote mining or exploration camps. We only require two 15-amp. electrical circuits to keep the FuelBoss™ aircraft warm in the coldest winter temperatures.


Storage Solutions

When Canada’s most fuel efficient aircraft, The FuelBoss AT802, pulls up to off load it’s delivery… our “safety first” pilots are ready to accommodate your:

  • Drums

  • Steel Tanks (stationary or mobile)

  • Fuel Bladders

  • Any certified container

Generally it takes about 15 minutes to offload the fuel. We can even supply fuel storage systems. Portable, bulk storage solutions are readily available and approved for most regions in Canada’s far north. Bulk storage is usually much cheaper and it eliminates the mess associated with dealing with drums.

If you have drums onsite, in good condition, it will make sense to utilize them for diesel storage. We can assist with our fuel management system to ensure the quality of the fuel is maintained, no matter what your storage solution. So, give us a call and let’s talk about your needs.

Helicopter Fueling

We understand and know the very important safety and fuel contamination challenges when it comes handling helicopter fuel.

We recognize the shortcomings of drummed jet fuel and promote the use of bulk fuel storage for aviation use… a safer, cleaner, cost-efficient, environmentally-sound system of delivery and storage.

Our systems eliminate pumping from barrels, and the contamination risk of moving portable pumps from one barrel to the next.

We recognize the common “is it sealed?” concern, when partially-full barrels are left at fueling sites.

We offer turn-key and money saving. fuel bladder alternatives, with excellent aviation filtration systems.

Learn more when you call us to discuss your helicopter or jet fuel storage and handling needs.