How many deliveries can you do in a day?

That’s a tricky question. Weather permitting – a typical day sees 4-5 deliveries or 16,000- 20,000 litres. Need more fuel? We can always add more aircraft.


What specialized ground equipment- at point of delivery- is required for a safe fuel offload?

Nothing. The FUELBOSS is completely self contained and sufficient. All that is needed is your empty fuel storage containers for us to fill.


How long does it take to offload the FUELBOSS?

The actual offloading process is accomplished in under 15 minutes with total “on the ground” time for the FUELBOSS from landing, set up / hook up, offload, break down, and getting airborne is less than 30 minutes.


Does the FUELBOSS have any special runway requirements / limitations?

No. Any landing surface, ice, snow, gravel, sand, grass, pavement, that can handle an average passenger aircraft can handle the FUELBOSS.


Does that “little” airplane actually carry that big of a payload?

Yes! Although not actually that “little”, the FUELBOSS is effectively a flying fuel tank. Unlike other aircraft that are converted passenger carriers, there is no wasted space, making the FUELBOSS extremely safe, efficient and compact.


Can the FUELBOSS haul “split” loads?

Yes! the FUELBOSS can carry 2 different products in our 2 completely separate/independent bulk fuel tanks, or even deliver to 2 separate customers at the same location. Tank 1 holds 2700L and Tank 2 holds 1300L


Is the FUELBOSS fun to fly?

Yes! As with most iconic aircraft, the FuelBoss is a pilots dream and provides the perfect way to keep our pilots sharp and in the sky year round