AeroProc converts our excess aircraft parts inventory into cash – fast. We offer you the highest return, with the lowest risk. We understand the importance of quick turn-around time to obtain maximum profitability for your company.

Our company offers a comprehensive aviation consignment plan that can assist you in the automation, management, and liquidation of your surplus aircraft parts. Our consignment services include the following:

  • Asset Management  

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • E-Commerce Systems

  • Reporting

  • Customer Support

  • Flexible Payment Plan

  • Sales Price Of Material

Asset Management

AeroProc offer asset management service, such as monitoring repairs for inventories belonging to foreign airlines, we attend to urgent ‘Aircraft on Ground’ type situations with exchange parts service, where we export our inventory on hand or brokered inventory to the airline customer, receiving their used parts, monitoring the repairs and returning the parts to stock for further use. We co-sign customer’s inventories for direct sale to open market – publishing on international virtual market via the internet.

Marketing & Advertising
We will be responsible for marketing and advertising your aircraft parts inventory to our network of thousands of buyers, from government, military, corporate, international and regional airlines to MRO facilities worldwide.

E-commerce System
Our e-commerce system allows thousands of buyers to view and order your inventory any time of the day, any day of the week. Further, our sales associates will list each unit of your aircraft parts inventory on other specialized B2B aviation websites for maximum visibility and market penetration.

Our online system helps you keep track of your inventory and generate reports 24/7 from any computer, in whatever part of the world.

Customer Support
Our customer account representatives are ready to answer all your inquiries and requests.

Flexible payment plan
Our objective is to provide you with the maximum ROI and value from the liquidation of your aircraft parts inventories. Our volume commission and administrative fees are negotiable depending upon your specific requirements.

Sale Price of Material
You can specify minimum pricing triggers for your inventory, if required. We will get your approval for any sales below minimum. We will exercise best judgment to obtain market pricing for your inventory.