Aeroproc  Corp  Energy is  a  leading equipment  supplier and  services  provider  to  the  Oil  and Gas  Industry  in  Indonesia.   We  offers  a  range  of  products  and  services,  offered  by our principal  manufacturers,  which  cover wide  range  of equipment  utilized  in  the oil  and  gas project  throughout  Indonesia,  which  include Rig  and  Oilfield  Computer  System, Electrical and  Instumentations  for  Oil  and  Gas  Project, Bulk  Liquid  Tank  Management,  Huff-and-Puff Enhanced Oil Recovery Equipment, Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Product M-HydRec and Bacteria Fuel Test Kit.

Our company was formed in 2005 with main office location in Houston, TX USA and Jakarta, Indonesia  and  representative  offices/workshops  in  Batam,  Indonesia.  From  its  first establishment, the company has grown to a full scale service provider having contracts with most of the major oil and gas operators throughout Indonesia .

Our company  has  an  extensive  access  to  all  of  the  oil  and  gas  operators  in  Indonesia,  and also a breadth of technical knowledge of oil and gas operations due to its human capital with broad knowledge and experience in Oil and Gas Industry.

Our company  currently  runs  the  agencies and  act  as  an  Indonesia  exclusive  distributor  for En Fab, Inc. USA, Varec, Inc. USA, Intertek, USA,  Laversab, Inc. USA, and  Current Power, LLC.USA.

We will be more happy to discuss about our capabilities and how that capabalities can help your company become number one in your market. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Aeroproc to become the main conduit to your successful Oil and Gas Business and for you to recognize us as a preferred partner that contributes towards your success while you focus on your core business.


For clients to recognize that we meet their expectations in delivering our agreed contracts specification, schedule and cost.


  1. Reliable – every people in our company is oblige to be a master in their work of field and to always improve their skilld and knowledge so that  they can  enchance value creation process inside the company to deliver a reliable product and services to the customer.

  2. Trust – gaining  trust  from  our  customer,  employee,  vendor,  and  all  of  our  stakeholder are one of our goal. To become a trusted company, we manage our business process in a responsible way to deliver an “above the industrial standard” services and we put highly in implementation of Business Ethics in all of our operation.

  3. Solution  provider – the  company  and  all of  its  employee  alway  focuses  to  creating  the best  solution  for  customer  problem  and  act  as  a  strategic  partner  to  fulfill  customer needs.

  4. Continous  Improvement – the  company  and  all  of  its  employee  alway strive  to  find  a way  to  improve  their  capabilities  so  they  can  improve  their  performance  to  serve  their customer better and to adapt to change in fast-pace business environment.

  5. Teamwork– the  success  of  our  company  is  depend  on  work  and  dedication  of  every individual who join and work together in a team to ensure customer satisfaction.

  6. Social  Responsibility  –  Our  company  believe  that  in  becoming  a  profitable  company means that we must create welfare for our employee and to give benefit to all comunity in our business and social environment.