Daniel Overview

For more than 70 years Daniel has been at the forefront of measurement technology development for the Oil and Gas Industry. Daniel has become a leading figure in the development of the standards that govern orifice measurement around the world.  With offices around the globe, Daniel is capable of offering the level of quality and service required by our most demanding clients. Daniel engineers its products to produce the most precise measurement solutions in the industry.

Daniel relies on precision manufacturing to ensure that specifications are met or exceeded to offer the best quality product in the marketplace.

All fittings meet or exceed the recommendations of ANSI/API 14.3, A.G.A. #3, A.S.M.E, and numerous other professional organizations. Please read and follow all manufacturer’s product warnings and instructions.

Daniel Orifice Fittings

Orifice Fittings operate by means of differential pressure technology.  They contain an orifice plate that restricts the flow of product through the pipeline. As fluid approaches the orifice plate pressure increases slightly and drops suddenly as the orifice is passed.  Established procedures and calculations allow the flow rate to be inferred from the differential in pressure.