Our  Company  supply hazardous  location  computers,  terminals  and  displays  to  the extremely  demanding  oilfield  service  industry. The principal company  design  and manufacture  our  rig  floor  computers  and  displays  at their state-of-the  art  facility  in Houston to  exacting  quality  standards.  Our  innovative  computers  are  Class  1,  Div  1 and Div 2 certified by UL, certified for Zone 1 and 2 locations by ATEX as well as IECEx certified.  They  are  built  to  survive  in  the  most  rugged  and  extreme  of  oilfield environments. Laversab Oilfield systems are in use in every corner of the world and under  every  possible  climactic  condition. Currenty  we  are  an  Indonesia agent  and Exclusive Distributor for Laversab, Inc. USA Rig and Oilfield Computer product.


Our electrical and instrumentation engineering services include the design, construction and  testing  of  electrical  switchboards,  marshalling  cabinets,  control  cabinets  and industrial  process  automation  systems  to  the  on-site  construction  of  electrical  and instrumentation  facilities,  to  end-to-end  testing,  calibration  and  adjustment, commissioning and technical assistance to operation and maintenance staff.


Every  company  that  operates  a  tank  farm,  terminal,  refinery  or bulk  storage  facility has  its  own  business  requirements  for  managing  bulk  liquid  petroleum  assets. Our company provide solution for meeting that requirement our solutions are specifically designed to ensure safe storage and distribution, track product visibility and provide accurate  accounting  for  the  local  facility  operator  to  the  corporate  enterprise including  in  range  of  our  capabilities  is  Tank  gauging  and  inventory  management, Supervisory  control  and  data  acquisition  (SCADA),  Overfill  prevention,  facility monitoring  and  release  detection,  and Terminal  and  refinery  automation.  Currenty we  are  an  Indonesia  agent  and  Exclusive  Distributor  for  Varec,  Inc.  USA  Bulk  Liquid Inventory Management solutions.


Our  company  supply  and  provide  our  customer  with  customize  solution  for  their Enhance Oil Recovery equipment and project in various location in Indonesia. Steam injection Currenty  we  are  an  Indonesia  agent  and  Exclusive  Distributor  for  En  Fab, Inc.  USA  Oil  Enhance  Recovery  solution  .The  U.S.  Department  of  Energy  in  their publication  no.  NIPER-580  recognized  EN-FAB,  Inc.  as  the  only  company  to  provide “Turnkey Steam Distribution System” for thermal oil recovery. EN-FAB, Inc. has also been  recognized  by  the  DOE  as  a  supplier  of  Oil  Field  Steam  Generators,  Steam Quality  Measurement  Systems,  Surface  Production  Equipment,  Feedwater Treatment Equipment, Produced Water Reclamation Plants, Chemical Feed Systems, Multi-Media Filters and Deaerators. EN-FAB’s Enhanced Oil Recovery equipment can be found in Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Oman, Russia, Trinidad and the United States.


Aeroproc Corp Energy provides fabrication and field service to support industrial processing and manufacturing operations in almost any industry through the design and fabrication of modules and skids.

Modular Build

Your down time is loss time and income. We work to mitigate that risk by breaking large pieces down into modular components to be fabricated and tested at our shop for a faster install; minimizing your downtime. This also reduces congestion at your your facility and keeps your team efficient.

Process Skid Fabrication

From initial design through Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), we have the internal capabilities to provide a turnkey package complete with 3D modeling, fabrication, controls and instrumentation, electrical wiring, pressure testing, performance testing and installation.