We also specialize in the sale of assets no longer essential to drilling and workover operations that are available from select owners. These are located, from time to time, all over the world.

Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment:

  • Blowout Preventers

  • Brakes

  • Buildings

  • Derricks

  • Drawworks

  • Drill Collars

  • Drilling Equipment

  • Drilling Rigs

  • Drilling spools, Flanges, DSA’s

  • Hooks & Blocks

  • Kellys

  • Mud Pumps

  • Mud Systems

  • Mud Tanks

  • Offshore Equipment

  • Rotary Tables

  • Sheaves

  • Slips

  • Swivels, Rotary

  • Tools

  • Winches


Finding equipment, services, providers takes you away from your real job of drilling and making money. We take care of all these services for you while you concentrate on your profits.

The oil and gas rigs are built by rig builders who are located throughout the world, but primarily in the United States..

We specialize in drilling, drilling rig construction and providing full service oilfield solutions. We utilize the best Mechanical and Diesels-Electric Drilling Rig equipment.

Drilling rigs range from mechanical truck mounted rigs to Jack Up Rigs for open water drilling. The Land Drilling Rigs go from small 500hp to deep drilling 3000hp. Rigs are built to give you a substantial edge in today’s increasingly competitive Oil and Gas Industry.

Oil and gas rigs include new and refurbished equipment. Warranties from the manufacturers included on all new equipment.

All of the rigs have the required certifications.  Although we are located in Texas and Indonesia and can make arrangements for you to visit and inspect the rigs.

Through our service partners we can also help provide a wide range of services from concept to completion. If you don’t see what you need just contact us and we can get it.