Kuroda was founded as Kuroda Gauge Manufacturing Company in 1925 as one of the first dedicated gauge manufacturers in Japan. Since then, we have developed various products based on our high-precision measuring and processing technology. Our electro-hydraulic pulse motor, for example, became a vital component for NC machine tools and won the first prize of Japan Society for the Promotion of Machinery. In countless industries we have gained high esteem for the many diverse technologies and products we have developed over these years.

Today, Kuroda Precision Industries’ line of products includes gauges, ball screws, tool holders, press tools, machine tools, and ultra-precision measuring systems. In addition to our traditional customers, we support many new industries and systems such as semiconductor, flat panel display, cellular phone, and hybrid engine vehicle.

While working to preserve traditional skills, techniques and reputation for best quality, we also employ latest technologies through active R&D as we face the challenges of new industrial development. Kuroda’s mission continues to be that we support the customers through our high-precision measuring and processing technology based on the philosophy of P&P (Precision and Productivity) and the spirit of C&C (Challenge and Create). Our pursuit of ultimate precision and reliability has no end in sight.