• Heavy duty, cast iron, flanged body is drilled to ANSI 125/150.

  • Resilient seat seals bubble-tight against the disc, isolating the valve body and stem from the line media.

  • Unique dovetail seat retention allows for convenient and economical field replacement.

  • A primary stem seal formed by preloaded contact of the disc hub with the flatted seat surfaces and secondary stem seal formed by an interference fit of the stem through the seat provide bubble-tight shut-off to full valve pressure rating.

  • Rounded polished disc and hub edges provide full 360 degree concentric seating, resulting in minimum flow restriction, lower seating/unseating torque and longer seat life.

  • Externally adjustable upper journal V-type packing is installed for both pressure and vacuum, while bronze bearings provide low operating torques.

  • Molded-in, O-ring seat serves as flange seal, totally eliminating the need for gaskets between the flange and the valve.

  • Superior one-piece through-shaft provides high-strength and positive disc control.

  • Stainless steel taper pins are driven, sealed and locked for maximum torsional strength and resistance to vibration loads.

  • Bronze vertical thrust washer helps prevent disc displacement due to the weight of the disc and stem.

  • Cast-in standardized mounting patterns allow for direct mounting of Keystone manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.

  • Each valve is factory tested to 110 percent of specified pressure rating, helping ensure bubble-tight shut-off to the full valve rating when bolted between flanges in either direction of media flow.

Size range: 24″ to 48″
Pressure rating: 150 psi bi-directional shut-off
Flange standard:  ANSI Class 125/150 flange standards

Ideally suited for many applications.
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