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The HC-2 Type Controlair Valves are handle operated  4-way,  exhausted  center,  pressure control valves.

The typical unit contains two directional control 3-way  side  valves  and  a  pressure  graduating portion  that  is  arranged  to  increase,  decrease or maintain air pressure to (2) separate delivery  lines. In neutral position both 3-way side valves exhaust both delivery  lines. A movement of 10 degrees  either  side  of  center  position  opens
the appropriate side valve and directs pressure to  the  indicated  outlet  port.  Continued  move-ment  past  10  degrees  up  to  full  travel  or  46 degrees  either  side  of  neutral  continues  to  ac-tuate the pressure-graduating portion to deliver a graduated pressure according to the value of the control spring.

There  are  four  models  with  similar  valve  func-tions,  but  different  handle  operating  character-istics.

HC-2-X  Controlair  Valve  -Handle  is  spring returned to neutral position from all positions in the  handle  travel.  Some  special  models  exist.

HC-2-LX  Controlair  Valve – Handle  is  spring returned  to  neutral  position  from  all  positions except  at  the  maximum  pressure  setting  on both sides of center. The handle is held in both extreme positions by a mechanical detent.

HC-2-FX  Controlair  Valve  –  Handle  is equipped with a friction brake that will hold the handle  in  any  position  selected  in  the  handle travel.

HC-2-SX  Controlair  Valve  –  Handle  holds  in only one maximum pressure position. The han-dle  is  spring  returned  to  neutral  position  from all  other  positions  in  the  handle  travel.  The valve can  be  ordered to hold  in  either extreme position.