Microbial-Hydrocarbon recovery is a microbial technology company that specializes in enhancing oil production from producing and marginal wells.

Our technology introduces a consortium of beneficial hydrocarbon bacteria that specialize in breaking large hydrocarbon chains into smaller chains. This microbial consortium also treats petroleum derivatives of common crude oils, sludge residues and fuels.

M-Hydrec’s oilfield microbials produce beneficial by-products that positively affect oil recovery and reservoir pressures. These microbial by-products include proteins, enzymes, biosurfacants, polymers, gases and organic acids.

Microbial Biocracking

Heavy Oils Cracked to Lighter Oils

Impact On Oil Properties

  • Rheology improvements (viscosity reduction)

  • Pour and Cloud points alteration

  • Volumetric expansion

  • Controls H2S and scale buildup

  • Controls paraffin wax accumulation